Solar Street Light Indicator Operating Mode

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When you got our solar street light in hands, there are three indicator on the sensor, how does the light work? what does it mean when different indicator color when turn off or turn on?

Today let’s talk about it.

Operating Mode:

1, When shutting down, three LEDs are flashing at the same time, then all lights turn off, the green LED is lighting constantly, indicate that the system voltage is normal.  

2, Indicator Status

No. Unit Status Yellow Indicator(working/RUN) Green Indicator(charging/CHG Red Indicator(discharging/DISCHG)
1 Initial start flashing all together flashing all together flashing all together
2 Unit standby  steady on  off off
3 Lamp normal working  steady on  off steady on 
4 Normal charging steady on  steady on  off
5 Battery wire connection reverse off quick flash off
6 LED open circuit or short circuit off off quick flash
7 Battery wait to exit under voltage off slow flash off
8 Battery capcity is running out  off off slow flash
9 Battery over voltage  slow flash off off
10 PV over voltage  quick flash off off

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