Why do we have to use a Solar-grid complementary street light?

What should we do if solar power is insufficient, long rainy and cloud season, the area with insufficient at high latitude? Then Solar-grid complementary street light can work well for this condition. Solar-grid complementary street light need to connect a set of power cable to the electrical power grid, and a transformer will be involved […]

4KW Emergency Portable AC/DC Power Station

Features: Load power 4000WBluetooth220V high-power AC/DC power supplyDisplay voltage and quantityCigarette lighterSupport mobile phone wireless chargingSupport solar panel chargingSupport 50A charger for quick charging220V AC output : 1 channel 10A,2 channel 16A, universal socket24VDC DC output: 10 1 channel 20A, 2 channel 50A Technical Parameter: Battery capacity: 3.84KwhThe AC power: 4000WOutput waveform: Pure sine wave […]

Remote Controller Instruction Manual

Each solar street light with a remote controller, how to operate it? Below is the instruction manual. Demo: Demo function key under test mode, select the programmed maximum current to the minimum current, finish it within 10 seconds. OFF:  On/ Off. L Key: light control mode only, no human body detection. T Key(time control + […]

Solar Street Light Indicator Operating Mode

When you got our solar street light in hands, there are three indicator on the sensor, how does the light work? what does it mean when different indicator color when turn off or turn on? Today let’s talk about it. Operating Mode: 1, When shutting down, three LEDs are flashing at the same time, then […]

Datasheet Of Wifi Camera

Size: 72mm*72mm*150mm Weight: 326g Model CS-C3W-1B2WFR CS-C3W-3B1WFR Model Parameters 2million 1/2.7’’CMOS Wall-mounted internet-connected camera 1million 1/4’’CMOS Wall-mounted internet-connected camera Camera Camera pixel 2million 1million CMOS 1/2.7’’ Progressive Scan CMOS 1/4’’ Progressive Scan CMOS Shutter Shutter adaptation Shutter adaptation Camera lens 2.8mm @ F2.3, Horizontal field: 103°, opposite angles, 118° 2.8mm @ F2.3, Horizontal field: 92°, […]

LoRaWAN Gateway User Manual

Product introduction 1.1 Brief introduction 1.2 Features: 1.3 Performance parameters 1.4 Hardware parameters 1.5 Structural parameters Installation 2.1 List 2.2 Accessory schematic diagram 2.3 Schematic diagram after installation 2.4 Sim card installation 2.5 Antenna installation 2.6 Ethernet connection2.7 Adaptor connection Operation 3.1 Power-on 3.2 Networking connection 3.3 Successful networking Product introduction 1. Product introduction 1.1 […]