Remote Controller Instruction Manual

Table of Contents

Each solar street light with a remote controller, how to operate it? Below is the instruction manual.

Demo: Demo function key under test mode, select the programmed maximum current to the minimum current, finish it within 10 seconds.

OFF:  On/ Off.

L Key: light control mode only, no human body detection.

T Key(time control + light control mode): light control, time control(no human body detection)

M Key (Microwave mode):

PIR mode, is our stand model which is programmed in factory, working according to the programmed working time and PIR.

The lamp will be turned on  by light control, dimming by PIR, high brightness when detecting people, low brightness after people leaving for 10 seconds, (this is most energy saving mode).

T+M Key(Time control+Microwave control mode) : time control+PIR dimming.

First 6 hours: time control only(no human body detecting)

After 6 hours, come into microwave(infrared) control mode, high brightness when detecting people, low brightness after detecting people leaving for 10 seconds.


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