How To Activate Solar Street Li-Ion Battery?

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When our solar street light placed a long time without sunlight charging, the battery power is running out to the limit, the control system has the charge and discharge protection function, when the battery discharge to 9V , 9V is undervoltage protection, the load will be disconnected, charging will be stopped when the battery charging to 12.6V. 

There are some way to recover it. 

1, just put the lamp under sun, press on key via remote controller without open lamp. 

2, If the sun power is not enough, open the junction box, take out the battery, find a  DC source, switch to 12V 2A, connect positive to battery positive, negative to battery negative, charging for 3 hours(please refer to attached photo), after that the battery will recover.  

DC source to charge the Li-Ion battery

3, find a adaptor, 12V 1A or 2A, connect adaptor positive to connector positive, negative to negative, charging for 3 hours, the battery will recover. Please refer to below diagram.


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