Things Need To Know Before To Buy Solar Street Light

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In order to provide the clients with more accurate & professional design for Solar LED Street light, we need the clients to provide the following basic information.

1, Where the Solar LED street light to be installed?

2, The exact longitude & latitude of the light will be installed,



3, The width of the road, please send us the drawings if you have.

4, The height and distance between the two poles?

Height: , Distance:

5, The position of the pole of street light? (1. single side, 2. two sides, 3. in the middle of the road,)

6, The power of LED street light you preferred to use?

7, How many hours the light will be lightened up at night?

8, How many days the light will be lightened up in continual no sunshine climate, like rainy, foggy days etc?

9, The quantity of the solar LED street light you need.

Except these, please provide the drawing to us.

Also let us know if there is any other reuiqrements.


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