Solar Panel

Multi-grid design, can effectively reduce the risks caused by hidden cracks and broken grids
Adopt dust-resistant and easy-to-clean coated glass, with high power generation efficiency.
New generation monocrystalline, through reducing resistance loss to achieve high power out.
Half-cell structure components, outdoor operating temperature and hot spot temperature is low, the loss is smaller under the shadow.
Large-size battery design improves the performance of photovoltaic modules by an average of 7% and reduces the cost of electricity.
The components have good performance under extreme (temperature, load, impact) conditions,
Good low-light performance verified by authoritative third-party testing (morning, evening, cloudy)
Positive output power tolerance, to ensure that customers can obtain higher output power than the conventional warranty.
Perform 100% EL test before and after lamination, and 100% EL test on the finished product to provide higher quality assurance.

Product Details:

Model P275W30V P280W30V M305W30V  P330W36V M340W36V M370W30V
Cell type 156 high efficiency poly/ mono crystalline
Power(W) 275 280W 305W 330W  340W 370W
Working Voltage(V) 31.9 32.1 32.3 37.3 37.7 37.9
Working Current(A) 8.62 8.73 9.44 8.84 9.02 9.76
Open-circuit Voltage(V) 38.9 39.1 39.9 45.6 46 46.2
Short-circuit current(A) 9.33 9.45 9.81 9.55 9.74 10.5
Size(mm) 1640*992*35 1956*992*45
Weight(KG) 17.7 21
Glass 3.2mm TCO
Frame Anodized aluminum alloy
IP of PV Junction Box IP 67
Cable 4.0mm² ,900mm special photovoltaic cable
Max Load 5400pa
Working Temp – 40℃ ~ 85℃


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